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RedNodeLabs offers the IoT wireless platform to help you connect the unconnected. With powerful software solutions that thrive at the edge, we empower you to unlock the promise of IoT in the harshest environments.

Our holistic solutions include IoT sensor devices, cloud infrastructure and data analytic apps.

What We Offer


RedNodeLabs offers software and hardware solutions that enable IoT devices to communicate reliably and with a guaranteed quality of service.


Channel hopping technology eliminates in-network packet loss


Time-synchronized technology optimizes communication latency


Decentralized flooding technology enables high-density networks

Energy efficient

Optimized wireless protocol minimizes power consumption

User friendly

No installation or configuration required


Sensor nodes for a few dollars


Discover Our Award-Winning Solutions

RedNodeBus is our wireless bus, based on a deterministic time-division multiple access (TDMA) protocol, which guarantees fixed data rate and latency. Every node in the wireless network is tightly synchronized, interfering constructively for extreme scalability and reliability in the harshest environments.

Our protocols won first place in the Dependability Competition of the International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN) in 2016, 2018 and 2019, raising the bar in the IoT ecosystem for reliability, latency and energy consumption.

Wireless Mesh

RedNodeBus: High-Reliability Mesh Networking

Current wireless mesh protocols, like Thread and Bluetooth Mesh, struggle to offer reliable communication in dense multi-hop networks; while Cellular IoT does not scale easily in terms of data throughput and number of devices. Most of them are based on CSMA mechanisms, leading to message collisions, unpredictable data rate and latency and, in general, low scalability and suboptimal performance.

When high reliability, high availability and a predictable real-time behavior is needed, a dependable protocol is crucial. RedNodeBus is wireless mesh networking done right. We use multi-channel, network-wide scheduling to avoid collisions, data loss, variable delay and interference.

Wireless mesh can be reliable and predictable, even in crowded and dense environments. Available for multiple IoT platfoms, RedNodeBus empowers your IoT applications.

Time Synchronization

Wireless-Mesh Time Synchronization

Industrial and safety-critical applications require a dependable timing source, synchronized across the entire network even in multi-hop and noisy environments.

RedNodeBus provides a low-power clock synchronization service with sub-microsecond accuracy.

Real-Time Location Systems

Real-Time Location Systems

RedNodeBus, in combination with UWB technology, enables to build low power, portable and "plug and play" RTLS systems. We offer a robust locating system with extreme scalability and seamless, infrastructure-less deployment in mind; perfect for sport, industrial and social-distancing applications.

Cable-Replacement Solutions

Cable-Replacement Solutions

For example, in Smart Lighting, a reliable and low-latency wireless mesh is of the utmost importance to save deployment costs, acting as a dependable cable-replacement solution. RedNodeBus can be used in large environments, in which lights need to be tightly controlled to enable real-time architectural and decorative lighting.

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